Veronica Marcela Pacheco Perez-Palma, ‘Verito’ for her friends, was born in December 7, 1979, in Lima-PERU. Primo and Veronica are her parents. Primo Ricardo (1981) and Renato (1990) are her younger brothers.

When she was two years old, she was diagnosed as being deeply mentally challenged, due to her hyperactivity, lack of attention, absence of language and signs of brain immaturity at the EEG. Nevertheless, this “retardation” doesn’t count with an etiologic diagnosis, since there is no lab evidence, without doubt, the origin of the mental retardation.


She received neurological treatment channeled to control her hyperkinetic behavior, without obtaining significant results. It was suspended. It is presumed the existence of thyroid dysfunction, due to family history from the mother side and the immaturity observed in the EEG. Because of this reason she is given thyroid hormones when she was around four years old. Coincidence or not, Verito started to talk a few months later, proximately when she was four and a half. Her first words were ‘balloon’ and ‘chicken’.

Besides her therapeutic development, the care of her emotional development is added. Verito has an outgoing personality that ignores the meaning of shyness, in the same way as she ignores the meanings of titles, ranks and status; for her, we are all equal and friends. She waves, hugs and kisses without discrimination.

Verito is a human being with a very sociable character, lovely, affectionate, friendly, happy and joyful. She lives happy in her world of pencils, colors, papers, dolls, balloons, music and friends. She loves to attend social reunions, shows, going out, be surrounded by friends, sharing her joy and enjoying with them the vehement moment of trying to acquire (from them), the objects that she prices the most: balloons, music, food and visits to her dearest friends.


Her memory is amazing. She remembers especially what interests her, and if she is in the mood, without any kind of pressure. She recalls data from before she pronounced her first words, such as names, birth dates and phone numbers of her friends and teachers of her first special educational center to which she attended when she was three and a half years old. Surprises everyone how she can remember birth dates, addresses, phones, songs, etc. She has an amazing ability to recognize and find her own way in the city streets, to identify the day of the week of a date, to recognize the combination of colors that compose a section of a painting.

She keeps active her learning ability, her interest for all stuff, which allows her to keep improving her behavior and skills. Verito is small and chubby, but she is not concerned about it at all, she sees herself as a very refined and stylized person, just like the characters of her paintings.

She lives without fears, shames, guilt’s or sadness. The explanation of that mystery of hers is in the coexistence of a teenager that doesn’t abandons a wonderful world of innocence, to which in some way we can accede when we look at her art. This is how God wants us: innocent and happy.


“…Congratulations for Veronica’s parents to develop the skills and aptitudes of their daughter, as well as a way to secure her future. I’d like to purchase a copy of her paintings. I am especially interested in the painting of the portrait of the book and in the harlequin fishing hearts. Thank you, greetings and much success...”

Cynthia Rebaza, Lima – Peru


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Cyclists at the Party
The Cyclists at the Party
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Verito supports entities such as associations, educational institutes, companies and workshops to promote the development of diverse skills and qualities of individuals. The aim is to instil a spirit of self development.