Fans and Comments

“…Admiration! Dear Veronica, I am an admirer of yours for a long time. There is no painting that excites me as much as your pictures do. They are very beautiful! The colors and expressions that reflect your own style have created a unique school. I think 'amazing' is too 'little' to express how magnificent is your art. Congratulations...”

Fabio Gomez Andaluz, Lima - Peru

"...Verito, you really make a beautiful work! Your paintings are beautiful and they tell much about yourself, you are a winner. I am 12 years-old and I would like you to come someday to Cusco to be able to admire your artwork. Your paintings should be on the cover of books all over Peru, so people could be able to admire your art. My grandmother gave me a sweet bread in a can which had one of your paintings and that's how I got to know about you, a great artist. Kisses Verito..."

Martha La Torre Frinsacho, Cusco - Peru

“…Your art is just fabulous...! I've fallen in love with your art, which is so exquisite and special. Looking at the eyes of your harlequins is to be transported in the body of another person. I have no words to express the sensitivity, beauty, feelings, you show through your art. God has blessed you with this wonderful gift. Do not change, you are wonderful...”

Martha Ferreyra, Lima - Peru

“…Congratulations to Verito and her parents who have supported her in everything. She is an inspiration to children and youth all over the world. Thank you very much...”

Patricia Romero - Lima, Peru

“…Hello Verito, congratulations, your artwork is incredible!!! You have a commendable work; you have overcome huge obstacles to brings us a model of life. I beg you to put me in your data base to receive an invitation to your next shows. Greetings...”

Rosemery Jesus - Lima, Peru

“…Hello, my name is Stephanie Martinez and I would like to congratulate Veronica Pacheco for the beautiful paintings that she creates. From the moment I saw them I loved them, they are very pretty! I am 14 years old and I have never seen such amazing pictures! Lots of congratulations to Verito...”

Stephanie Martinez - Guatemala City, Guatemala

“…Verito, saying that I am your fan is very little, I love your paintings and I am amazed by your art. Thank you for bring us such a gift: your talent, and for teach us to see the world through your colors. I have 4 children, they always comment your paintings everytime we stare at them. You are the best proof of what love can achieve, you have a wonderful talent. It’s an art that reaches and fullfills the soul itself… thank you again Verito… let me send you my sincere and deepest affection and admiration… I am your FAN…!!!!...”

Mary Leon, Lima – Peru

“…Vero, you are a true life lesson story to all of us!!! You are the living proof that when we make the decision to become someone and develop our capabilities, we can achieve marvelous goals. We should never hold ourselves back. God gives us gifts and potentialities that we should grow… you overcame your initial condition, you have managed to become a transcendental artist in your country and all over America!!! God bless you and always give you encouragement, never surrender!!! You are very especial…”

Myriam Morales Vales - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“…Hello Verito, I didn’t know you, but I feel connected through your art. It is full with colors, fantasy, curiosity, joy, mixed but funny emotions… For all these, I’d like to share your emotions through your book, how can I buy it, where should I pay, I’ll be waiting for your answer. God and the Virgin must be extremely happy by the Gift shown by such a wonderful person like you...”

Shirley Trelles, Lima – Peru

“…Thank you Veronica. I’ve just seen your art work and I am very impressed. You have a great gift. Today, I will thank God for all the angels He has put on Earth to fulfill us with tenderness through their art. Lots of success for ever...”

Roxana Diaz, Lima - Peru

“…Congratulations for Veronica’s parents to develop the skills and aptitudes of their daughter, as well as a way to secure her future. I’d like to purchase a copy of her paintings. I am especially interested in the painting of the portrait of the book and in the harlequin fishing hearts. Thank you, greetings and much success...”

Cynthia Rebaza, Lima – Peru

“…I have written an article about Veronica’s paintings for my Spanish class. I’ve put two paintings of hers in my blog with links and information of her website. Please, let me know if I have the authorization to keep the images and the article in blog: Thank you very much, great story to share...”

Russell Ormes, London – England

“…Congratulations! Hi Verito, I really want to congratulate you for your beautiful art work. Your paintings are very joyful, they share a lot of love and happiness. I love them! You are an inspiration to all of us. I hope you’ll keep doing what you like to do and become known as you deserve. Thank you very much and CONGRATULATIONS :-)...”

Macarena Billa, Lima - Peru

“…Hello!!! I love your paintings, I am fascinated by your work, you are a GREAT role model! Sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are for the things we have and the people around us and we need an Angel like you to open our eyes. Your paintings are truly wonderful. Thank you!...”

Maria Fernanda Paz, Lima - Peru

"...Your art is innocent as the colors of the souls and spirits of Men and Women! Thanks for being a BEING! It is very nice to know that there are people like Veronica. The Planet needs people like you. Let the Divine goes next to you FOREVER. A hug of LIGHT to you from Portugal. NAMASTE. Your brother in the Path..."

Jose Pires, Ericeira - Portugal

“…Veronica! You are amazing! I admire you! Its impossible not to stare at your paintings without getting stunned by them, without getting sparks of joy, of beauty that fill the soul with your colors, your shapes, your delicacy, your simplicity. Your model of life and happiness touched my heart from the moment I knew about you. Your work is beautiful. You gave me back the will to dream, to believe. Thank you!... its great to get to know more about you through this media…”

Fabiola Alvarez, Lima – Peru

“…I am watching the paintings and I am simply astonished, everything is so beautiful! I am still DELIGHTED after being at Verito’s exhibition a week ago! Verito shares very beautiful sensations and feelings; all that vivacity, color, love and tenderness that I can read on her traces move me and reach my soul. A big hug and a lot of love to Verito...”

Mariela C. Sialer, Lima - Peru

“…Congratulations! Hello Verito, mi name is Pierre Gonzalez, I am Peruvian and am living in Montreal, Canada. I work at the Cirque du Soleil and I just saw in the daily magazine that is given to the employees an article about you, with a picture at the circus! Congratulations for all your effort and dedication. I am very proud of you! Your art is truly extraordinary. Best wishes for You and let God take care of you always and bless you...”

Pierre Gonzalez, Lima - Peru

“…Congratulations and greetings! Verito’s work is amazing. A few years ago, I was deeply moved by a TV news about her life and art… This weekend, I had the chance to go with my daughters to the current exhibition she has at the Cultural Center. I don’t have enough words to describe the feelings and emotions that her paintings provoke deep inside me. It made me extremely happy to notice that my daughters felt the same way. It is wonderful. She is wonderful. Greetings to her family, lots of care and love for Verito...”

Alejandra Brun, Lima - Peru

“…Hello Verito, my name is Fatima, I am 15 years-old and I live in Chiclayo. Am doing the International Baccalaureate. I have to write a monograph for the international program and I’d like to make one about you, your life and your paintings. I love your art work and overall the way how you could overcome the obstacles to reach the point where you currently are. I’d like to know if I could make it and if I can count with your support. I’d travel to Lima to meet you. It would be an honor and I´d like to interview you and get to know more about you. I hope you can answer me soon. God Bless You...”

Fatima Aurazo, Chiclayo - Peru

“…Hi, how are you? I am preparing my thesis for the University. It would be very interesting to make it about you. Please, answer me in order to get in contact. Thank you!...”

Gabriela Johnson, Lima - Peru

“…Verito, congratulations, I love your paintings! Where can I purchase your book? Greetings, Andrea...”

Andrea Zapata, Lima - Peru

“…You are one of the most Inspiring Artists of our time. I wish I could imagine that wonderful world that is inside of you. Congratulations for All your Paintings and Success in Everything... (^^,)…”

Enrique Legrand, Quetzaltenango - Guatemala

“…The connection between your paintings and you, are those marvelous hands that you have. Hope that all that wonder that you carry inside can continue to be shown in indescribable beauties…”

Claudia Urbina, Lima - Peru

“…Verito, you are marvelous, I feel very proud of you! You have matchless paintings. Please, answer to my e-mail. I wish you the very best of the world again, you are wonderful! Kisses…”

Karla Davelois, Lima - Peru

“…Hello Veronica!! It’s a pleasure to communicate with you. I wanted to ask you: in what things do get your inspiration from to create the great paintings that you make? I like to paint, but sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to get some inspiration. I love all the paintings you have done so far. My favorite paintings are “The Buffoon Fisherman of Love” and “The Buffoon in Love with the Moon”. I wish you are doing great and keep performing the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. Kisses!…”

Loreto Lemus, Concepcion - Chile

“…How beautiful and harmonic effects you achieve with your colors in combination with the images! It is very original, congratulations! I like your art and your imagination…”

Gaby Arellano, Petrolera – Mexico

“…I saw Verito’s paintings and I am truly amazed. They are really beautiful. She is a little person blessed by God. For this reason and many others I’d like to know how can I acquire one of her paintings. I’d like to know if you sell the copies or if I can pay to download through the internet. I would like to know if you plan to make an exhibition in Chile. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart…”

Karla Gomez, Santiago de Chile – Chile

“…Hello, my name is Teresa and I am writing from Chile. I am a special educator and I work with mentally challenged children. I’d like to congratulate you for this web page. It shows us Verito’s wonderful art. I’d like to receive information regarding her publications, may be a visit to Chile, in sum, to know all what she does. I think that the magic of her hands and her heart, expressed through her paintings lead us to a world of light, beauty, joy, sweetness, tenderness and a lot of color. I’d like to have her book, read it and fill myself with her fantasy. I’ll be waiting for your answer… a bug hug and a double one for Verito…”

Teresa Zapata Encina, Santiago de Chile - Chile

“…I found this webpage through a magazine, and I am amazed. I’d like to acquire Veronica’s book. I am a Differential Educator and it would be really nice if I could give Veronica’s beautiful example and art work to my students. I will be expecting for your answer. I am thankful for the energy that Veronica’s paintings bring!…”

Arlette Villarroel, Los Andes - Chile

“…You are an inspiration to all the people around the world that live in a circle of negation and pain. Your happiness is contagious and the fantasy of your paintings shows us the nobility of your soul. You have to keep giving that beautiful message to the world. Best wishes and blessings to your work and family…”

Isela Solano Campos, Cartago - Costa Rica

“…Life teach us to appreciate people not for what they have, but for what they give. You worth a lot! All this innocent art shows a lot of tenderness. You are admirable!…”

Alis, Lima - Peru

“…I am impressed seeing how wonderful is your art work, full of color and naivety; you are a happy spirit like lots of us would like to be. I am a plastic art professor in Costa Rica and I have always believed that art is a mean to express ourselves and to grow. Congratulations to your mother for the support that she has given you and for the advices that she gives us, to teachers and professors that have opportunity to teach children and young people to enjoy and fill their spirits with art. Your proposal is fantastic and your determination a model to all of us. Thank you for making out of art a game of color and fantasy…”

Patricia Montenegro Rodriguez, San Carlos - Costa Rica

“…Hello Verito! I love the 'true art', and you in each design that you perform, you show the fusion between tranquility, emotion, happiness… endless feelings! Let God keep filling you with that gift and let Him bless each painting that comes from your inside… you are the hope and the living prove that we all can be masters of our own destiny and how close or far can we achieve what God has given us. Have a nice day, always :0)…”

Elizabeth Nerio, Chiquimula - Guatemala

“…Verito, how are you? When I read your biography I couldn’t believe that you were deeply mentally challenged! Your art work is very nice and surprising! Congratulations, your paintings and sketches are absolutely beautiful. I send you a huge hug and lots of blessings…”

Andrea del Pilar, Bogota - Colombia

“…Hello, yesterday I had the chance to see Veronica’s paintings in the internet. I was amazed and fascinated, it’s wonderful!!! It’s admirable to see what can be achieved by a mother’s love; from the bottom of my heart: congratulations to the whole family. Maybe I wouldn’t have been able to say these verbally, seeing all these paintings and the world of fantasy that surrounds her I couldn’t resist the urge to write. The truth is that it’s incredible what has been achieved with Vero. The special feeling of seeing this kind of stories is very nice… and knowing that with the hand of God, with love and perseverance, many goals can be achieved…”

Diana Vargas Romani, Lima - Peru

“…Hello Vero, I live in Caracas, Venezuela. Your paintings are an hallucination, something out of this world. I think they are spectacular! I still can’t get out of my astonishment. I am a fan of the world of fantasies, I collect fairies, goblins, elfs, butterflies, etc. I’d like to know if you have products inspired in your paintings and how can I acquire them. I am really interested! Thanks and greetings… you are a great artist…”

Nairyn, Caracas - Venezuela

“…I hope you are doing well!!! I wish I could purchase a book, I think her paintings are magnificent. It’s just as how life should be, the world, the universe, people; to stop chaos in this wonderful land that day by day we are destroying it without realizing it. Greetings…”

Libia Fonseca, Bogota – Colombia

“…Incredible paintings!!!!! Hello Verito, Congratulations for the great work that your perform. It’s admirable… the colors are so fresh and the subjects are so dreamy that they guide you to a magical world. Thanks for letting us dream!!!!!...”


Massiot Gutierrez Cubero, Costa Rica

“…First of all, I’d like to congratulate everyone involved with Verito’s development, mainly her parents and of course herself. She is a great model to be followed. She teaches us that nothing is impossible. Its incredible how there’s “normal” people that are not able to do not even half of what Verito is capable of. I write “normal”, in quotation marks because as you know: What is normal? None could give us a definition 'as it is'; those are labels that people put according to their own interests or certain standards. Finally, I’d like to know where can I get Veronica’s books and how much do they cost. Thanks in advance…”

Araceli Ramirez Tenorio, Mexico DF – Mexico

“…Hello Veronica, how are you doing? Hope everything is very well! I am writing you to congratulate for the excellence of your paintings. Inside of you, you carry a great part of God. In fact, I can tell that you are an angel that escaped from Heaven and arrived to this world to give us a little bit of happiness through your paintings. I’d like to have a piece of something done by you. Let God bless you very much. You are a great model for the world…”

Jeannice Rodriguez, Perla – Venezuela

“…Hello, I’d like to thank you for considering my humble (previous) message. I think I didn’t express myself properly with words in front of such admiration!!! Sometimes, words are not enough… while a whisper and a stare are enough. Take care and carry those beautiful dreams that come true…”

Kassandra Mavares, Las Clavellinas – Venezuela

“…Hi Verito! The purpose of my mail is to tell you that I admire you very much! You are a wonderful person. I love your job. I am a graphic designer, I live in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and am helping, along with a group of friends, an association -APAC Helen Keller, A.C- that helps children and teenagers with autism and brain paralysis. We are doing shows to collect money for these angels. I’d like to ask you, if you could help us with an exhibition, some of your art, a conference, etc. I am sending my e-mail and all the information in the contact data. Thanks a lot,  I send you my deepest admiration to you, hugs Wendy…”

Wendy Faustro, Mexico D.F. – Mexico

“…I am truly fascinated by your paintings. I am in love with your art work. I am your fan! You are a great artist, congratulations and I send you a million kisses. I love you!...”

Nayrobi Santos, El Trigo – Venezuela

“…You are amazing! In fact, you are more than amazing. I admire your art too much. I fell in love with one of your paintings and I just started seeing them today. Your gift is wonderful. I dream about being an artist and I put a lot of effort, but I don’t have your gift. I assume that it’s something you are born with. You were born shinning art. You are great  :D …”

Raidza Talavera, Lima – Peru

“…I love Veronica. I am happy seeing that God sends us special angels as this girl Verito. I’d like to purchase one of her books, what should I do?...”

Yuraima Santiago, Estado Merida – Venezuela

“…I am very interested in purchasing Vero’s art work. Little friend Veronica, you are really admirable. I’d like to purchase one of your paintings for my office and one for my daughter’s room. Please, let me know how can we arrange it…”

Rosalba Escarra Cestari, Monagas – Venezuela

“…Hi, I am a huge fan of Verito’s art since I saw her book “The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”. I was astonished and overwhelmed by her traces and her type of art. It is impressive how she handle’s the watercolor technique. Well, I’d like to know where can I buy her publications. I’d thank you if you could send the addresses to purchase her book, thank you…”

Rosa Luz Flores, Lima – Peru

“…Verito, let me tell you that you are an extraordinary wonderful person. I admire your talent and your love for life. I share my time with people with special disabilities, and I love working with them. I wish you all the best and let God guide you always and carry on! I know you be a lot better. I send you a big hug…”

Lorena Alvarez, Lima – Peru

“…Hi Verito, I saw your paintings with my youngest son, Julian, who has 8 years-old and likes to paint. He liked your paintings and he stared shocked at them. He wants to be as good as you are. We send you our greetings and lots of hugs from Colombia to you…”

Alexandra Mendez, Bogota – Colombia

“…Hi! Verito, lots of congratulations for such wonderful art work. I’d love to acquire your paintings or any product where your paintings are shown. A thousand thanks and congratulations to your parents, because they are helping their daughter to overcome and develop her…”

Karina Morales Montes, Mexico DF – Mexico

“…I love your paintings, I’d like to know each cost if you sell them or if you can make another one just like another or if they are unique and you never repeat one. Good luck!!! Your paintings are beautiful!!!

Nathalie Panta, Lima – Peru

“…Hi, Verito’s talent is really incredible! Well, I wanted to know if there is any chance that she makes a painting about me and my little sister. She lives far away and I haven’t seen her in many years, so it would be a great gift for her. I’d like to know if it’s possible and the price. Thank you very much :-) …”

Barbara Guevara, Lima – Peru

“…Hi, I’d like to know a little bit more about Verito’s art and life…”

Veronica Garcia, Atlantico – Guatemala

“…Good afternoon, I’d like to express my deepest admiration for Verito’s paintings, they are wonderful!!! Thanks and many greetings…”

Yvett Valle Zuloeta, Lima – Peru

“…I am interested in Veronica’s art work. How can I purchase them?...”

Darnely Ramirez, Trujillo – Venezuela

“I’d like to know how can I purchase Veronica’s art work, which is fantastic. I hope that we can get in touch through this mean and be able to buy some products of hers. Thanks…”

Juanita Garcia, Montecarlo – Mexico

“…Hello. First of all, I congratulate Veronica for such beautiful creations… they are beautiful! How can I get her articles to sell???? Please, answer to my mail I wrote down. Thanks and good luck!!!!...”

Guzmania Carrera, Falcon – Venezuela

“…Courage! Hi, I love your drawings. I have a lot of harlequins and fairies in my house. I think they are beautiful. I’d like to know the price, and how can we arrange the shipment. Thank you, JANIS…”

Jenny Maritza Becerra Zuluaga, Bogota – Colombia

“…Hello, I am from Santiago de Chile. I found Veronica’s web through a publication. I’d like to know a little bit more about her work, that is the reason why I’d like to know how can I get her book, the cost and shipment. Waiting for your answer…”

Bhavna Dowlani, Santiago de Chile - Chile

“…Good afternoon, Veronica Pacheco’s art is to fall in love with! I’d like to know how can I purchase your work and if she sells her paintings. Thank you for such a wonderful webpage…”

Cindy Melissa Ortiz Espino, Mexico D.F. – Mexico

“…Veronica, you have a lot of talent and that is why I admire you. I’d love to see an exhibition of yours someday, or even better if I could get one of your paintings…”

Fernanda Arauna, Santiago de Chile - Chile

“…Hi, I live in Bogota, Colombia, and I’d like to know how can I purchase a painting of Verito’s…”

Claudia Castañeda, Bogota - Colombia

“…Hello Verito, let me tell you that I love your MASTER PAINTING, baby it’s a beauty. I am amazed. You are truly wonderful, keep on going and you will be worldwide known…”

Jennifer Tenorio, Quito – Ecuador

“…Hi friends!!! I am astonished by Verito’s work… I am about to finish the visual art carrier and my project-thesis goes toward the innocent art, so getting the book would be awesome… can you tell me its cost and how can I purchase it. Pleeeease ÜÜÜÜ… many thanks :) …”

Viridiana Ordaz Torres, Morelia – Mexico

“…Hello, of course you can publish my first Fan-Comment! I am Verito’s number one chocolate fan and loonity fan… I am fascinated by her… and yes, I want her book… Many greetings and a huuuuuge hug for Verito… Here, she has a great admirer… her work and life inspire me a lot and helped me define my thesis project ÜÜÜ…”

Viridiana Ordaz Torres, Morelia – Mexico

“…Congratulations! From Venezuela, I send you my most fondly Congratulations! You have made an impression in my soul in the moment I needed the most. I asked God for a message and you appeared. I don't know, I think it's a miracle. Now I know what He wanted to tell me. Let God take care of you and bless you. And thank God. Amen…”

Ana Garcia, Los Magallanes - Venezuela

“…I'd like to congratulate you for your art work! Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. They reveal a lot of joy and great purity. I'd love to have your designs. I nedd to know how can I acquire your paintings. Keep on going Verito, keep sharing the innocence, happiness and purity that you have inside through your paintings. A big hug for you and your family. Your admirer, Carolina…”

Carolina Vega Torres, Viña del Mar - Chile

“…Congratulations! Hello Veronica, this is the first time in my life that I dedicate time to write to someone I haven’t met… I am doing it because I think that your work is WONDERFUL. I saw your paintings in a book and they captured me; immediately entered in your website. I feel identified with many of your paintings. I wish you to continue achieving lots of success. I’ve noticed that you capture the very best from every human being that you draw, the color, the joy and the will to triumph. You have a GIFT, a gift from GOD…”

Norma Elena, Puerto Ordaz - Venezuela

“...Incredible!!! I saw your paintings in a book. I couldn’t imagine that there would be such wonderful story behind your drawings. Thank you for sharing the magic. Verito, you are an admirable person, God bless you. Where can I purchase your book? I’d like to decorate mi daughter’s room...”

Melissa Romero Gutierrez, Mexico D.F. - Mexico

“...Hello Vero, I saw your paintings in a magazine and they fascinated me. I think they are beautiful and creative; full of fantasy and color. You truly fulfill the spirit with joy. I´d really love to acquire one of your books. You are a model to parents of challenged children, you give them hope, thanks a lot...”

Emilia Soto, Cartago - Costa Rica

“…It’s really admirable and it’s worth recognition the special talent that people with different abilities have. I´d like to acquire the book “The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”, hope you’ll help me to purchase it, thank you!...”

Liliana Norato Castillo, Campeche - Mexico

“...Hi, today, I saw Verito’s paintings, they are very beautiful. I’d like to know if they are on sale. A lot, A LOT of luck Vero! You have a great gift! Your paintings are fantastic, very beautiful! Good luck and don’t you ever stop!...”

Vicky, Mexico D.F. - Mexico

“...Hello Verito, I have a non-profit association that is called ‘Corazones Reparados’, in Monterrey, Mexico. We are dedicated to help children from Casas Hogar regarding their psychological treatment, most of our funds come from the promotion of art from children and adults. A friend told about your art work, which is amazing and I’d like to contact you to make an exhibition and promote you in this country. I hope we’ll receive information from you and let us know more about your beautiful work. Greetings, Adriana Muela...”

Adriana Muela, Monterrey - Mexico

“...Thousand Blessings! Hi Verito, let God continue blessing your beautiful hands and the gift that you have. You are very special. I would love to have your paintings in my house. I can spend the hole day telling you the ones I like the most. Thousand blessings for you and a big kiss from Venezuela...”

Angela Morales, Maracaibo - Venezuela

“...Congratulations Verito! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with us. I love each painting I saw. They remind me that we can achieve any goal we want. THANKS!...”

Claudia Coaguila, Arequipa - Peru

“...Congratulations, your work is very inspiring…!!! I teach Spanish to children in a preschool (Spanish Schoolhouse) in Arlington, Texas. Each classroom has the name of a country where Spanish is spoken, and my classroom is “Peru”. We are going to have an art exhibition and we've been requested to select an artist from the country of the classroom in order to let the kids do their own art replica. Searching for material, I found your wonderful and inspiring work, which I'd like to share with my students. With all do respect, I hope you won't have any inconvenient and I'd like to send you a picture of our exhibition. Congratulations for your beautiful work and also to your parents, who knew how to motivate and support you to continue all your success… Take care and thank you very much for your attention!!!...”

Ylianova Montes de Oca, Texas – USA

“...Congratulations…!!! Hi Verito, my name is Pamela… I know about you for many years now and I follow all your achievements since... I can only congratulate you and tell you that you have a marvelous gift, which allow us to see all your inner thoughts and all your sensibility. Carry on showing us what’s inside you. You are a wonderful person. Much success and let God fill your life with blessings :-) Love, Pame :-)…”

Pamela Urbina, Lima - Peru

“...Hi Verito, let me tell you that today I was with my daughter and we saw a beautiful painting of yours. I’d like you to know that I am very happy to know that you are doing these beautiful paintings. I love the colors that you use. I am also very happy to contact you. My family and I send you a big kiss and a big hug with a lot of love...”

Katia Castillo, Lima – Peru

“…Admired.  Hi 'Verito', my name is also Veronica and from Venezuela I send you My Admiration for such immaculate, colorful and brightening work that you perform. I knew about you thanks to a book and I liked your paintings very much. You are very virtuosi; I love your colors… I send you a lot of Blessings since God has given to your hands the talent of your work… What you do on canvases is the reflection of what you are: Beautiful! A kiss…”

Veronica Lisbeth, Bolivar - Venezuela

“…Admiration for so much virtuosity. The art that you perform is marvelous. I think it’s a unique art and to tell you the truth, it is the most amazing art I have ever seen. Keep on going, with the willpower to show your wisdom and the gift that God has given you. Show the world the beauty that you can create with your beautiful hands. Your art is incredibly admirable. Congratulations and thank you very much!...”

Yelitza, Lima - Peru

“…Congratulations! Hello Verito, let me tell you that I loved your MASTERPIECE, baby it’s a beauty! I am truly amazed. You are fantastic. Keep on going, you will rock the world!...”

Jennifer, Quito – Ecuador

“… Hello Veronica, my wife and I had the opportunity to see one of your paintings and we loved it. I’d like to receive information regarding the purchase of a painting. Greetings…”

William Saravia, Lima - Peru

“…Good morning, I am interested in purchasing Veronica Pacheco’s book. I’d love to receive information about where can I acquire a book in my city. I live in Cali-Valle, Colombia. I am a huge admirer of Verito and I’d love to show it to my 6 year old daughter. Thanks, Marisol …”

Marisol Bastidas, Cali – Colombia

"...Veronica, I love your paintings. I study art and psycology in NY. I am going to share your life and paintings with my family, friends and teachers. I'd like to meet you someday..."

Brenda Berninzon, NY - USA

“…Verito, let me tell you that I am moved and touched by your paintings. They show the innocence and purity of a child’s soul. It made me remember how I used to see the world when I was young. Everything was full of love and fantasy. It would be great if as adults, we could see it the same way, but it’s complicated. Fortunately, there are still some beings like you, that through their art they remind us the beauty and peaceful that life can be. A kiss for you and continue with your success. Your friend and admirer, Fanny…”

Fanny, Lima – Peru

“…Amazed…!!! Verito, I am really impressed by your talent, it’s beautiful the work that you perform, I love it…!!! The designs, the colors and of course the story of your life, which should be spread among young people, to let them realize that everything is possible and you have demonstrated it. I send you all my love, for you and your family, the fundamental support for your development… Carry on, amazing artist!!!...”

Lorena Perez Godoy, Santiago de Chile – Chile

“...Just to congratulate such a beautiful being! From my heart, I tell you that I don’t have words to describe what I feel every time I stare at a Veronica’s painting. Before I met her, I could see her paintings from far away and I wondered who could paint all that fantasy together. Now I know who can. I have my answer. Only a person like her could make all that wonder together. Veronica’s paintings are a beauty, I am fascinated...”

Paloma Blanca, Lima – Peru

“…Hi Verito, your paintings are beautiful, they fascinated me! You are a model to be followed. You show us that we can achieve our dreams with a little bit of effort and perseverance.
Verito, I’d like to know how can I purchase one of your paintings or a copy and how much would it cost. All of them are beautiful and full of magic. Are you planning to make an exhibition in my city? I’d love to take a close look to your paintings. Kisses Verito, take care, you are a great example for all human beings…”

Adriana Lopez, Maracaibo – Venezuela

“…Fantastic…!!! I’ve seen the greatness of your art work, Veronica. I have no words how to describe the beauty of the art that you put in front of our eyes and feelings. I’d like to have one of your paintings. A green-yellow greeting from Brazil…”

Jorge Lins, Sao Paulo – Brazil

“…It’s a spectacular and beautiful work. Many congratulations and God bless you…”

Carolina Albi, Porlamar – Venezuela

“…Hi Verito!!! I am a plastic artist student, I am in third year. When I started studying at the University I had the fortune to find a catalog of yours thanks to my mom… since there, I felt in love with your job, your life, your effort and you are definitely a huge inspiration to me. The truth is that I would be glad to work with ‘special’ children, because I know that we can achieve many good and interesting things, you are the proof of that!!! It is amazing how you handle the Color Theory, the visual textures, the theme, etc. The feelings and sensations that your paintings cause me are spectacular, there is too much love in them, I definitely love it, it was love at first sight!!!!...”

Marilia Fernandez Perez Alcazar, Arequipa - Peru

“…Lot’s of congratulations for Verito; she has a very beautiful and unique art. It is very nice what she does. God, continue blessing her so her gift can keep sharing more of the beauty that she presents. Thousands of blessings y much more success. Lot’s of kisses for her…”

Marianella Alvarez, Caracas - Venezuela

"…Really admirable Verito’s ability of overcoming, I feel a great emotion seeing how she captures in her paintings, her way of seeing the world, transmits so much sweetness and love for the people that surrounds her… huge hug for her and keep on going!!!!!!!!...”

Marisol García, Lima - Peru

“…I am delighted seeing at Verito’s paintings. They are wonderful! She has a very beautiful gift given by God. It’s great that she is surrounded by her family that supports her and that she can develop her fantastic gift of painting, which is extraordinary. I congratulate you and wish you much success!!!…”

Carla Sifuentes, Lima - Peru

“…I think it’s great what you have achieved, truly! Although I don’t personally know you, I love you very much and you are a light in the darkness…”

Karla Sibaja, San Jose – Costa Rica

“...Hi, the truth is that I love your paintings. They are very happy and different from others. A way to express your feelings through unique features. I love them! Congratulations Verito!!!...”

Monika Aguirre, Lima – Peru

"...Love her art work and her life... I think she has a wonderful message that should be spread around the world...."

Camilla Coelho, Sao Paulo - Brazil

“...Hi, congratulations for Verito!...”

Susana Sillau, Lima – Peru

“…Hello, I am from El Salvador… your paintings are very pretty, full of fantasy and color. They are full of the joy that we all should see forever. Congratulations for the special gift that you have. You have a great talent, I like it a lot! I just started navigating in your website, I hope I’ll know much more about you and your art. Take care!…”

Wendy Beltran, Ilopango – El Salvador

“…Hi Verito, congratulations, I admire your work! You give a good example to people. I hope that you can understand and recommend me. I have read your story and I understand your parents. I have a little sister that I’d like to help. I’ve been reading about the teachers you had. I’d like my sister to read and learn much more stuff. Keep on going and be happy. A little kiss and a hug!...”

Anita Zuniga, Lima - Peru

“…I really think it’s incredible what she does. She is a model for a lot of people. I had the opportunity to see her in an interview. Congratulations for her parents, for the support, but it’s a shame to see other young people that don’t count on the family support or the economic resources, I wish that something could be done for them… I congratulate her parents for the opportunity to let others know about Vero’s work through internet. Congratulations Vero…”

Virginia Arroyo Reyes, Lima - Peru

“...I’ve seen Verito’s gallery and I am very impressed by the beauty of her paintings...”

Fabiola Gonzalez Monteverde, Sao Paulo – Brazil

“...Praiseworthy…!!! I still don’t know how to explain the inner feelings that produced me when I stare at Veronica’s paintings. It’s like watching Life with eyes of fantasy and color. The world would be very different if adults could watch it with Verito’s eyes. Many congratulations and blessings...”

Magaly Rojas, Chimbote – Peru

"...I am speechless. The most beautiful galleries I've had the pleasure to see. I'm amazed at the level of evolution showed in Verito's works..."

Florencia Marino, Rosario - Argentina

“...Incredible! I just find out about Verito, and I think that her creativity and imagination are very interesting. It’s fascinating… God bless her…”

Kasandra Mavares, Las Clavellinas - Venezuela

“…I’d like to congratulate you for your original art. It’s beautiful. I love all your paintings and I congratulate once more. You are the best…!!!…”

Yara Pizarro, Lima - Peru

“…I think that your paintings are very beautiful, I’d like to be part of your fan club. Further more, I’d like to know where is your gallery or where can I purchase your canvases…”

Anita Moreira, Guayaquil - Ecuador

“…I love Verito’s paintings!!! I’d like to know how can I purchase them…”

Jocelyn Elgueta Vega, Santiago de Chile - Chile

“…Hi Verito, how are you, hope that very well. I admire you a lot, I love your art and it truly fascinates me. I’d like a portrait or a painting of you…”

Aracelly Cardenas, Lima - Peru

“…Hi, your art is beautiful!!! Your paintings are very special. Thanks for sharing your art!…”

Isaura Oropeza, Mexico D.F. - Mexico

“…Verito goes beyond artists and art itself. This is experience is a lesson of self-development, a challenge against all odds and love…”

Miguel Guzman, Lima - Peru

"...Few times have I had the privilege to admire a piece of work that could transmit such a warmth and innocent feeling. Verito is one of the few artists that has made it. Every time that I watch one of her paintings I feel transfered to a magical world that I could only imagine when I was a kid..."

Erick Bellido, Lima - Peru

“…How great it is to see pure beauty in a painting. I study journalism and I was searching for pictures in Google, since this is my passion, and I found Verito’s art. I wish we could be friends! With love, Astrid…”

Astrid Zamora, Guatemala City - Guatemala

“…Impresive! Hi, a friend introduced me to Verito’s work and I liked it very much! Thanks a lot for sharing it and I’d like to know if she has a Facebook group…”

Carolina Garcia Jaramillo, Quindio - Colombia

“...I've seen Verito’s website, and I’d like to tell her that I love her work… am going to share it with a loooooooot of people that don’t know about her, yet...”

Liliana Com, Lima – Peru

“…I am delighted with Verito’s paintings; in fact, I am in love with them. I am amazed by her paintings, which are so beautiful! I am glad that her talent is also recognized outside the country. It’s a pleasure to know about Verito’s gift that I imagine must be part of an incredible world!...”

Roxy M. Lazaro Soto, Lima - Peru

“…Oh my God!!! Verito, keep on going!!! Blessings for those special parents that God gave you. You have left me speechless… you are a master in painting. I wish that someday you could come to Guatemala for an interview or a seminar. You are incredible!!! Verito, God keep blessing you and your family…”

Ada de Corado, Guatemala City - Guatemala

"…Hi! I have always got fascinated by harlequins and circus figurines. I have found in Verito’s art, what I have always been looking for in my life… her way of painting, the color combination, the figures, everything, she is the best. I really congratulate her!...”

Sandrá Albarracín Cabrera, Lima - Peru

"…We are huge fans of Verito, my husband, our 5 children and I. Told them about her story and they got fascinated, the couldn’t believe what they saw, they think her way of painting is marvelous. Congratulations. In Mexico, you have 7 friends. …"

María Uriarte Rodríguez, Villa Verdún – Mexico

"...Starring at these paintings I think that God sends us angels that perform miracles!!!..."

Carmen Tovar, Maracay - Venezuela

“…Hello, my name is Kim, am from the Netherlands. I went to your exhibition at the Cultural Center and I loved your paintings and your art! I´d like to purchase your book 'The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco' to share your life and show your art to my friends in the Netherlands! Thank you!...”

Kim Durieux, Groningen - Netherlands

“…You are an extraordinary being with a lot of potential. I live in Sweden, but I was born in Peru and I am very proud that you too, PERU ROCKS! God bless you forever …”

Leticia Rojas Merino, Malmö - Sweden

“…You are great, a model to be followed! From Italy, I send a huge kiss with a lot of love for you Verito…”

Gianluigi Cozzolino, Naples - Italy

“…Both Verito and her art are divine. Her magnificent talent as well as her colorful imagination shows the gift given to very especial people whom directly receive God’s love. Her paintings are lovely. I am very proud of Verito. She has made me very happy and delighted my day. I hope that some day I’ll be able to hang one her paintings at home and never forget that love exists and art is infinite…”

Alessandro, Moscow - Russia

"...Hello Verito, I’ve been starring at your paintings for hours! You are a great master! While starring at your art work, I dream again, it hasn't happened in a long time. Thank you so much for giving us so much beauty!..."

Victoria Maura Divasson, Madrid – Spain


“…I think it’s great what you have achieved, truly! Although I don’t personally know you, I love you very much and you are a light in the darkness…”

Karla Sibaja, San Jose – Costa Rica


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

To purchase a book, you can get in "Contact" to order a copy.



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The Jungle Boy
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