Fantasy World

Through her paintings, Verito brings us a fantasy world, full of magic and color.

Verito captures the essence that surrounds the magical world of the kids and combines it with sensations and feelings of an adult.

Verito’s paintings reveal the freedom, purity and innocence of children, and at the same time, the intensity and energy of a grown person.

This particular characteristic of combining harmoniously these two worlds is the reason why kids and adults are captivated by her paintings.


It’s fascinating to watch how Verito’s paintings motivate children to draw. It seems as if the connection between the shapes, colors and traces of the paintings would stimulate the art area of children. Allowing and letting flow the art expression of children is one of the greatest contributions that can be achieved through the spreading of Verito’s life and art around the world.

The beauty and technique fineness of Verito’s paintings attract adults. When critics analyze the paintings, entirely from a technique perspective, they conclude that they have an impressive artistic quality.

When adults stare at Verito’s paintings, a very special feeling emerges. This sensation doesn’t come from a profound technical study but from an emotion that springs up naturally by watching her paintings.

The coexistence between a little girl and a woman, shown in Verito’s paintings, evokes in adults memories and feelings of freedom and joy of a fantastic world, just like when we are kids.



We all live in this ‘fantasy world’ when we are children. Unfortunately, we loose it while “growing” and “maturing” in life. Allow us to evoke those feelings from our childhood, is a great contribution to let us live a little bit happier, taking care of what really matters in life.

Verito’s paintings go beyond frontiers, not only international, her paintings are admired by people around the world, from different cultures, economic status, views and conceptions of the world that let think and consider a universal language… love.

I hope I’ll be able to share with the entire world, the marvelous life of my older sister.

With love,

Ricardo Pacheco P.


“…Hi Verito!!! I am a plastic artist student, I am in third year. When I started studying at the University I had the fortune to find a catalog of yours thanks to my mom… since there, I felt in love with your job, your life, your effort and you are definitely a huge inspiration to me. The truth is that I would be glad to work with ‘special’ children, because I know that we can achieve many good and interesting things, you are the proof of that!!! It is amazing how you handle the Color Theory, the visual textures, the theme, etc. The feelings and sensations that your paintings cause me are spectacular, there is too much love in them, I definitely love it, it was love at first sight!!!!...”

Marilia Fernandez Perez Alcazar, Arequipa - Peru


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Jungle Girl
The Jungle Girl
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The ‘Ballet Joven de Lima’ awarded Verito with an honorary diploma for her contribution with the International Ballet Festival “Elogio a la Danza” (“Dance Praise”) which certifies that she has finished the Cuban Methodology Ballet Seminar.