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Verito supports entities such as associations, educational institutes, companies and workshops to promote the development of diverse skills and qualities of individuals. The aim is to instil a spirit of self development.


“…Vero, you are a true life lesson story to all of us!!! You are the living proof that when we make the decision to become someone and develop our capabilities, we can achieve marvelous goals. We should never hold ourselves back. God gives us gifts and potentialities that we should grow… you overcame your initial condition, you have managed to become a transcendental artist in your country and all over America!!! God bless you and always give you encouragement, never surrender!!! You are very especial…”

Myriam Morales Vales - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Flirty Harlequin Fiorella Littleflower
The Flirty Harlequin Fiorella...
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On the occasion of the 10 years that the special artist Veronica Pacheco have in the art world, she presents this exhibition that features works and representative pieces of the different stages and themes through which this prolific artist has ventured. Complementing the presentation of paintings of her three styles, are also shown for the first time, daily sketches and clay sculptures which carry Verito's awesome imagination.
From MONDAY to SUNDAY from 10.00am to 10.00pm at the CC Ricardo Palma (Av. Larco 770, Miraflores). Until SEPTEMBER 30.