Primary Fantastic

This style shows the pure essence of her fantasy world and the shapes of the real world. Her imagination is the main source of inspiration from where spreads her first traces that look like the process of mating, cellular division, embryonic and fetal shapes. Her scrolling has its own aesthetic that is linked to the traces she does freely. Veronica’s primary work shows that the configurations of her traces are not a casual effect, isolated, since they preserve the same initial characters and characteristics until now.

What inspires them? How can we understand them? What do they mean? The answers to these questions are in the analogy between the archetypes that symbolize the existence and the biological process that allow the survival of the species. They remind us that we are born from ovoid shapes; we grow keeping the same shape in the uterus; that our life, death and re-composition take place in the elliptical orbits of the stars.

Everything indicates that she knows what she wants to draw –even if she doesn’t knows how to explain it with words– as if she evoked, absorbed and recreated the present knowledge of the universe in subtle shapes of energy.


“…Hi Verito! The purpose of my mail is to tell you that I admire you very much! You are a wonderful person. I love your job. I am a graphic designer, I live in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico and am helping, along with a group of friends, an association -APAC Helen Keller, A.C- that helps children and teenagers with autism and brain paralysis. We are doing shows to collect money for these angels. I’d like to ask you, if you could help us with an exhibition, some of your art, a conference, etc. I am sending my e-mail and all the information in the contact data. Thanks a lot,  I send you my deepest admiration to you, hugs Wendy…”

Wendy Faustro, Mexico D.F. – Mexico


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Harlequins in Love with the Four
The Harlequins in Love with...
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The ‘Ballet Joven de Lima’ awarded Verito with an honorary diploma for her contribution with the International Ballet Festival “Elogio a la Danza” (“Dance Praise”) which certifies that she has finished the Cuban Methodology Ballet Seminar.

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