Recycled Fantastic

The group of recycled or derived paintings is the result from diverse pre-existing models or sources of inspiration. She does what she wants; she chooses the model freely from her visual surroundings. She uses the colors that attract her. The visual reference of the model contributes to encourage enthusiasm for the teaching-learning process.

The degree of abstraction of the resulting image regarding to the model depends on the technique and the degree of detail applied. The fantastic characters, unreal, very adorned, are added to the iconography that has her personal stamp. They express her inner world: the relationship between her fantasy and her visual surroundings, shown in the details.

Verito’s development, from being deeply mentally challenged in her first years, to the slight mental challenge that she has nowadays, goes parallel to her painting. It has been enriched by the information of the context that surrounds her. Nevertheless, she maintains intact her spontaneity and naivety.


“…Hello, my name is Teresa and I am writing from Chile. I am a special educator and I work with mentally challenged children. I’d like to congratulate you for this web page. It shows us Verito’s wonderful art. I’d like to receive information regarding her publications, may be a visit to Chile, in sum, to know all what she does. I think that the magic of her hands and her heart, expressed through her paintings lead us to a world of light, beauty, joy, sweetness, tenderness and a lot of color. I’d like to have her book, read it and fill myself with her fantasy. I’ll be waiting for your answer… a bug hug and a double one for Verito…”

Teresa Zapata Encina, Santiago de Chile - Chile


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Flying Babies
The Flying Babies
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Verito supports entities such as associations, educational institutes, companies and workshops to promote the development of diverse skills and qualities of individuals. The aim is to instil a spirit of self development.