The Message

The message is that nothing is definitive. No one can predict the future or destiny of a person based only in certain initial conditions.

Success is not a point of arrival. It is a group of little achievements and failures, which sum constitutes a person’s life.

With creativity and flexibility, people and circumstances can be put in favor of a challenged person. They are not a ‘problem’. They are capable of many things. They only need the support from different areas: family, social, educational, economic, politic, etc. Their results can’t be expected to be immediate but in mid-large terms.


Verito’s life and achievements constitute a light of hope and a model for parents, educators and society in general. Her life is a beautiful message for every human being with skills to be developed.

Her art work demonstrates that art constitutes a great mean to self-development and a way to enter in the cultural life of society. Her current achievements place her far from her initial diagnosis. She has a life as ‘normal’ as any of us could have.

Verito represents the development of the human being by the pursuit of objectives; through work characterized by persistence, insistence and resistance. It hasn’t been easy to overcome the hard tests of life, nevertheless, she has become a useful being for herself and society.

She has many friends and fans, which get us much excited for her art, as for her personal and professional achievements. Without going through a conventional path, she has managed to define her own style. She has received several awards, but the best thing she has ever received is the love and cheers of the people. She receives the joy from people that recognize her, in the same way as she likes to love and spread happiness among her friends. It is very important to point out that the congratulations, care and affection that she receives from society, have contributed enormously to the improvement of her intelligence and behavior.

We are in front of an unusual artist whose art is technically impeccable, with a dimension that gets us closer to eternity. It is amazing that being born deeply mentally challenged does not constitutes an obstacle to achieve a successful life. She has overcome huge initial ‘limitations’. She will always be very special for every person that has had the opportunity to meet her, to share and enjoy the mission and message that she brought to this life: spontaneous happiness and unconditional love.


“…Hi Verito, your paintings are beautiful, they fascinated me! You are a model to be followed. You show us that we can achieve our dreams with a little bit of effort and perseverance.
Verito, I’d like to know how can I purchase one of your paintings or a copy and how much would it cost. All of them are beautiful and full of magic. Are you planning to make an exhibition in my city? I’d love to take a close look to your paintings. Kisses Verito, take care, you are a great example for all human beings…”

Adriana Lopez, Maracaibo – Venezuela


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

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The Red Clown Harlequin
The Red Clown Harlequin
Code 004


Verito supports entities such as associations, educational institutes, companies and workshops to promote the development of diverse skills and qualities of individuals. The aim is to instil a spirit of self development.