Verito´s Friends

Cirque du Soleil - QUIDAM

Verito visited the director, producers and artists of the QUIDAM show, of the Cirque du Soleil. Verito had a wonderful evening sharing her joy and charisma with all of them. She was blowing balloons up for them, making drawings and sketches with all the gifts that she was given by them at the company office. Verito also gave them her book and signed it dedicating it the whole circus, as well as a box with the character that Cynthia, Rob and Laurie chose.

Four angels with very joyful and funny spirits: Cynthia Clemente (Press and Publicity Coordinator), Rob McKenzie (Director), Veronica Pacheco (Artist) y Laura Carriero (Management). Thanks a lot!


El taller de manualidades Euroart, dirigido por Tisha Bedoya, es un hermoso ambiente en el cual se dan clases de pintura, grabado, escultura, cerámica, tallado y manualidades en general para personas de todas las edades.

Pastelería San Antonio

Pastelería San Antonio has had the kindness to decorate it’s premises in La Molina and Chacarilla with Verito’s canvases.


Our mission is to develop love for life and nature in girls and boys through their protagonic participation in the improvement of their environment. To achieve it, we have created an inclusive and active methodology based in motivation, secure and healthy spaces, orientation and recognition, that integrates family, educational institutes, community, enterprises, media, as well as the local, regional and central government. We focus our labor in Peru and Latin America.

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Daniel Merriam

The wonderful art of Daniel Merriam transmits dreams full of color, symbolism and movement that invite the viewer to enter a world that merges reality and fantasy. Verito was so inspired by Daniel’s artistic work that she based herself in one of his paintings to interpret, create and develop three of her own. Daniel Merriam is one of the world’s foremost water-colorist and he is a great person. It’s incredible to appreciate the vision of the world, genuine and original, of such extraordinary artist.


Daniela Escobar Marion

"...It is really nice to have had the opportunity of seeing such amazing pieces of art and to have the honor of having a couple of them in my room. You have taught me that in order to accomplish a dream there are no limits. Thank you for teaching me such a lesson..."

This beautiful letter was written by Daniela Escobar Marion when she was 10 years-old. It is very touchy being able to notice the special connection that springs up between children and Verito's paintings. The message of overcoming difficulties in life and love is one of the most powerful and beautiful teachings that can be transmitted through Verito's art work. This is a very special characteristic that children and adults share. They can enjoy fully Verito's paintings when they look at them with pure and innocent eyes.


“…Good morning, I am interested in purchasing Veronica Pacheco’s book. I’d love to receive information about where can I acquire a book in my city. I live in Cali-Valle, Colombia. I am a huge admirer of Verito and I’d love to show it to my 6 year old daughter. Thanks, Marisol …”

Marisol Bastidas, Cali – Colombia


The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco

“The Innocent Art of Veronica Pacheco”

Book that presents the life and work of a wonderful special artist, as well as distinguished comments from national and international art critics.

To purchase a book, you can get in "Contact" to order a copy.



The Harlequin Charlie Lemon
The Harlequin Charlie Lemon
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The Ministry of Work and Employment Promotion has given to 'Verito' a Recognition for her outstanding work, leadership, creativity and perfomance to develope innovative projects. December 2010, Lima - Peru.